August 21, 2011

Heaps of praise for ARCADIA - one more week!

The blogosphere is going crazy for Bad Habit Productions' "artful staging" of Tom Stoppard's modern classic Arcadia.

Thomas Garvey, The Hub Review (added 8/30/11) 
"Helped immensely [by being] acted by smart, quirky people who understood what it was about, rather than by a crowd of Equity actors attempting to simulate a professorial intelligence they didn't really have."  
"John Geoffrion brought a welcome spark to Bernard Nightingale, the egotistical, Stoppard-like Byron expert who stomps all over the work of the Byatt-like Hannah Jarvis.  Geoffrion was one of those slight miscastings in the show that worked pretty well anyway - he played Nightingale as more of a twit than a dick, and so the sexual tension between him and Jarvis went missing - but he threw himself with such eager fire into his rants on art and science that you didn't really mind."

Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review:
"Bad Habit [makes] the complicated absorbable, the complex illuminated, and the humor utterly delightful... John Geoffrion is hysterical."

Killian Melloy, EDGE Boston:
"Director Daniel Morris ... has a first-rate cast to work with: There is not a weak link or uncertain performance to be seen in this ensemble."

Bryce Lambert, Boston Lowbow:
"Easily the best fringe show I've seen this year."

Sheila Barth, Theater Mirror:
"Bad Habit ... has raised the bar higher and taken Stoppard's timeless play to an exciting level."

John Perich, Periscope Depth
"Bad Habit Productions' Arcadia is well cast in every role"

Becca Kidwell, New England Theatre Geek 

Only FOUR MORE PERFORMANCES!!  Must close August 28th.
Thu 7:30pm, Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm
Wimberly Theatre at the Calderwood Pavilion, Boston Center for the Arts
527 Tremont St, Boston MA

Tickets $18 online  in advance, $23 at the box office