December 18, 2007

First post

It's the end of 2007. I used to post blogs on Friendster and Myspace (remember them?) fairly regularly, but I barely touch them anymore. Cripes, I barely even blog on my Mac website. I've finally joined the rest of the universe and left those Mostly Dead entities to start what I hope will be a regular blog over here. I'm getting a jump on my '08 Resolution to write more regularly. We'll see just how long this lasts.

I have a lot to look back on and be grateful for in '07. Just thought I'd start off my forward-thinking blog with a look back.

My postgraduate string of steady (and generally rewarding) acting work has continued unabated (knock wood), and there appears to be no end in sight. I can pick and choose my projects. No disrespect to the companies that I've declined, but I fucking love that.

I was able to cultivate a circle of friends that are only tangentially connected to theatre or guys I met on the internet.

I actually got to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

I directed my first Shakespeare play.

I bought my first new car. Gotta love the gas mileage. But I still take Metro to work every day.

I got a real live day job, with health insurance, vacation time, retirement plan and everything. (Which means no Shakespeare Theatre, Round House, Arena or Olney in the near future.) And I even respect the company I work for, an environmental nonprofit.

My goals in 08:
To actually start going to the gym. (my token goal every year)
To direct something in DC.
To keep acting (which is pretty much a given thru the end of June).
To solidify relationships with a select bunch of theatre groups.

To see more of my friends' plays.
To keep blogging.

So, there we are. A beginning.

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