June 3, 2008

Red Noses at WSC

Yeah, so I've been gone a while...

Long story short, Romans got canceled, I was depressed at the prospect of no work this summer, then I got a phone call from Christopher Henley, WSC's Artistic Director...

"How extensive is your script library?"
"Umm... considerably extensive..."
"Do you have a play called 'Red Noses?'"

A pause as my heart jumps into my throat. Red Noses, an epic dark comedy by Peter Barnes about a monastic order of clowns during the Black Death, one of my all-time favorite plays, one I've taken to heart and written papers on in grad school, played an ensemble role in a small production back home, etc...

"yyyyes, I do..."

Before I knew what I was getting into, I was directing.

Well, now I'm co-directing and playing a role. Which is fine. A cast of 21 is more than I've ever dealt with before, and Clark St Playhouse is a huuuuge ass space. So this being the largest scale production I've ever attempted, I'm most grateful for the help. I've got a great cast, a great production team, and we're attempting a very ambitious concept in a very short amount of time.

Previews start June 19th.

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Sean Cooper said...

Hope the opening went well.