March 20, 2009

Piercing Analysis from Random Facebook Apps, Vol.... uh, 5?

What Shakespearean Character Are You?
(A different quiz from last year)

You have a tremendous sense of humor, but sometimes you go a little too far with it. You veer into cynicism too frequently. A popular person, you know how to please crowds, but they don't ever seem to please you.

Which Punk Rock Star Are You?

Joe Strummer (The Clash)
You seem really involved in politics or social problems and you want to do a lot about. Charity concerts or other actions - that's your way to fix the world. You show, that punk rock exist beyond sex, drugs and alcohol. But you still know how to rock. Good for you.

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Scoopernicus said...

I'm sick of Facebook Surveys. How about 'What kind of disgruntled Facebook user are you?"