July 17, 2009

Press love for BAD HAMLET

Trey Graham (CityPaper) raves!
(Glen Weldon, also of the CityPaper, chimes in with his own capsule rave in the comments!)
"A Fringe Must-See..." "tremendous fun..."
"Bottom line? The notion that all the best writing is re-writing gets an admirably lucid, singularly entertaining proof
here." (TG)

"What could easily have come off as an intellectual exercise is given flesh — and not the too too solid kind — by a script that doesn’t merely note the differences between the text, but gets them to comment on one another. Smart, deft and fully realized." (GW)
Chris Klimek (Washington Examiner) lists us as one of the Ten Shows You Won't Want To Miss...
...and then raves in DCist!
"Pass with your best violence," Hamlet challenges Laertes in the play's climactic duel. But that line was, we learn, a replacement for one in the 1603 text that better describes Bad Hamlet: "Pass with your most cunning display." (CK)
Kaysha Gurell (DCist) also raves!
"One solid option, Bad Hamlet, ... is sure to impress you, just as
it did us." (KG)
Jessica Pearson (DCTheatreScene) more or less raves!
"Bad Hamlet is incredibly interesting...
fascinating... powerful and wonderful to watch." (JP)
The Two Hours Traffic blog says nice things!
"This is definitely a must see if you are a Shakespeare junkie like me." (2Hrs)
Nelson Pressley (Washington Post) doesn't hate it!
"The earnestly acted show [isn't] a nuanced consideration of the implications on character and theme -- but that's OK." (NP)
Karen Shod? ("Karen's FYI" posting on DCTheatre Newsgroup)
Well, you can't please everybody...
"Interesting concept marred by amateurish presentation." (KS)
(That's her entire review. She got a press comp to write six words.)

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