March 20, 2008

Baseball Season is Upon Us

I could give two shits about March Madness; it's only value to me is that it's the signpost that another baseball season is about to unfold.

Two notable farewells: Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium will close at the end of the year. I've been to both, and even though it's the lair of the Evil Post-Empire, I'll shed a nostalgic tear when Yankee Stadium comes down. Or not.

As for Shea, nah, screw it. The last of the cookie-cutters, boring, charmless, and of course the site of the infamous Game Six. The sooner it's dust, the better.

Meanwhile down in DC we've got a brand new ballpark. And it's a beauty.

Still, it's all window dressing for another great run by my Red Sox.

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