April 12, 2009

Still More Piercing Analysis From Random Facebook Quizzes

Which Beatles Song Are You?
You are I Am The Walrus.

You are the true iconoclast. You possess the perfect union of intuition and knowledge. You are independent and very involved in your thoughts. Avoid the tendency to have envy and contempt of others.

Which element are you?

You are Wood, an interesting element indeed. Made of tough stuff, you are. You have an outer shell that can protect you from most things and, unlike Metal, your shell is one built on logic and experience instead of one hastily put up to protect you from being hurt (though it functions in that way as well). Wood has the least personality of the elemental personae and is the most effected by the other elements (needs air to breathe, water to drink, earth to grow from, fire destroys it). Though to balance all of that out, you can heal far more easily than the rest (which is good, because if you do fall, bouncing back will be horrendously difficult). You are stable, stubborn almost, but smarts and common sense are your roots that keep you in place. Your place in the world: You are the wizened old soul whose mere existence proves that anything's possible..

John comments: How ironic, most drama critics say the same thing about my performances.

What Old Movie Star Are You?

Bette Davis
Short and to the point. Temperamental. Smoke when you get nervous or distracted. Good at whatever you do. Doesn't waste time. You either have strong friends or strong enemies. You have proven that nothing can stop you and you can do anything. Don't care what people say about you. You are ultimately capable of murder.

John comments: I changed my answers several times, and each time I wound up Bette. I think the fix is in.

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