May 16, 2009

News Flash: Pinter died. FIVE MONTHS AGO.

Harold Pinter died the day before Christmas. I'm astounded that his passing has gone, from what I can gather, completely unrecognized by the DC theatre community. Though I didn't expect candlelight vigils, one would think that his passing might have warranted, at the very least, a playreading series. I considered taking the reins on such a project but for my assumption that other more likely candidates would already be working on it.

I can think of two companies in particular, both of whom I've worked with at least twice, to whom they owe Pinter a huge debt. Neither of these companies did a thing to recognize Pinter, and neither have a Pinter play in their upcoming season.

I mean, come on, even Arena Stage threw The Heidi Chronicles into their 2007 season to mark Wendy Wasserstein's passing the year before.

What the heck?

In other news, American playwright William Gibson died in November at the ripe old age of 94. In addition to The Miracle Worker and Golda's Balcony, he wrote quite a few other notable plays that unfortunately didn't have the same pulling power; hopefully some of these might be due for revivals. Goodly Creatures, anyone? A Cry of Players?

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Scoopernicus said...

W-A-T-E-R, it has a name! I'm surprised that the DC theater scene isn't having some sort of Pinter retrospective. that's shameful.